Circular in Shape - Yacht  Design Project by Rudolf Bosnjak - Seabowl Yacht


Artistic view

Explore the secret, silent world that exists over you head in the skies and beneath the sea waves or take a soothing swim in the gentle, serene waters, laze on many of decks watching sea, waves, dolphins   take a long cool drink under the flame-red sunset or enjoy  gourmet delicacies on the spacious various decks.Enjoy delicious cocktails before lunch  or dinner in CIRCULAR OPEN OR CLOSE TERRACES surrounded by an luxury and sophistication.

This is artistic view an as example from one of many circular Seabowl terraces.

Feel the warmth of your meal, eating on the sun as you listen to your favorite music, and make yourself by lazing the day away in Seabowl deluxe surroundings on this huge space. From the moment you step aboard, you will be enveloped in an atmosphere of luxury, tranquility and contentment. Seabowl Yacht will provides an almost magical living environment for you to be romantic person, corporate experience or a complete lifetime and celebration cruise as this Seabowl will serve as you home, office, sports, and way of living  for many years to come. Every day, months, years floating and cruising life all over the world seas.

Can you imagine complete work, making money, making pleasure to others in one magic thing: you lifestyle is your life onboard at Seabowl.



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