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Technology for Terrestrial  Digital TV Program Transmission and receiving, T- DVB
Technology for Terrestrial  Digital Radio Program Transmission and receiving, T- DAB

SARTELCOM Terestrial Broadcast Concept

SARTELCOM d.o.o. terrestrial digital broadcast concept is based on MPEG-2 DVB equipment that can be deployed on exch TX locatin which will serve as TX T-DVB point and is very similar as is UK concept.

How UK do T-DVB.

DTV Services is a holding company for Freeview, the popular free-to-view TV service available in the UK. The company's more than 4 million viewers get digital television programming without having to pay a subscription fee, so it's free -- if you don't count the purchase price of the necessary set-top box or integrated digital television set. Delivered through a rooftop antenna, Freeview offers up to 30 digital channels and more than 20 digital radio stations in addition to the five channels available over the airwaves. DTV Services is a joint venture in which the BBC, BskyB, and Crown Castle International are equal partners.

FREEVIEW is marketed by DTV Services Ltd which is a company run by its three shareholders the BBC, Crown Castle International and BSkyB.

DTV Services Ltd has been established to promote FREEVIEW by utilising the complementary skills and expertise of the BBC, Crown Castle International and BSkyB respectively.

Responsibility for the programmes shown on FREEVIEW however remains with the channels' providing those programmes.

The FREEVIEW service - the free digital terrestrial television service launched on 30 October 2002 - is a simple way to enjoy more TV choice.

The FREEVIEW service offers UK homes up to 30 digital channels (TV, interactivity and text), plus over 20 digital radio stations, all free, delivered to viewers through normal rooftop aerials.

To receive the FREEVIEW service, all that is required is a box, at a cost of around 60 pounds, which converts existing televisions to receive a digital signal.

The FREEVIEW service can also be received by viewers with integrated digital televisions (iDTVs) and former ITV Digital equipment.

FREEVIEW's TV channel package covers the best in entertainment, award winning news and documentaries, the latest music and dedicated childrens programmes, plus the standard five channels - BBC ONE, BBC TWO, ITV1, Channel 4 and five - as well as extra interactive programming.

Emap Performance's The Hits and MTV's The Music Factory (TMF) bring viewers the latest music, 24 hours a day. While UKTV Bright Ideas (UKTV) and Ftn (Flextech) show award-winning comedy, lifestyle programming and talk shows from both home and abroad.

TV channels also include Sky News, Sky Sports News, Sky Travel, ITV News, ITV2, The Community Channel, QVC,, price.drop-tv, Ideal World, UKTV History and UKTV Bright Ideas. Viewers can also watch all six of the BBC's digital TV channels: BBC THREE, BBC FOUR, CBBC, CBeebies, BBC NEWS 24 and BBC PARLIAMENT.

As well as the television channels, radio stations are also available with the FREEVIEW service including Smash Hits!, Kiss, oneword, jazz fm, Q, The Hits,

Magic, Heat, Mojo and Kerrang! These sit alongside the BBC radio channels - 1Xtra, BBC 6 Music, BBC Five Live Sports Extra, BBC 7, the Asian Network plus the BBC World Service (in English) and BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Five Live.

Plus FREEVIEW viewers can receive interactive TV and text services: BBCi, Teletext and YooPlay.

With the launch of the FREEVIEW service, significant improvements were made to the quality and reliability of the digital terrestrial television signal.

The result is that more households can receive the FREEVIEW service than previous digital terrestrial TV services, and fewer homes are affected by interference.

Most households in the UK are in a FREEVIEW coverage area - around three out of four households.

Out of three households in coverage, two should be able to receive the FREEVIEW service immediately, providing their aerial is in good condition.

Out of three households in coverage, one is likely to need an aerial upgrade to receive the FREEVIEW service.

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Digital Terestrial Television from Crown Castle International

Crown Castle's involvement with DTT in the UK goes back to 1997 when it was chosen by the United Kingdom's leading broadcasters to roll out four of the six Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) multiplexes. The BBC and ONdigital entrusted Crown Castle with the implementation of an 80 station network. Crown Castle overcame technical complexities and challenging timescales and the entire network was completed within two years, with the first 22 major stations in service only ten months after contract signature.

Following the successful launch of the 80 station network, Crown Castle was appointed to the UK's Joint Planning Project and has been actively involved in future planning for digital television.

In 2002, as part of a consortium with the BBC and BSkyB, Crown Castle oversaw the launch of Freeview, a new free-to-view digital platform that offers viewers up to 30 digital TV and radio services, with no contract. Prior to the launch of Freeview, Crown Castle's engineers carried out power increases at selected sites and changed the transmission mode from 64 QAM to 16 QAM. These changes have improved the robustness of the DTT signal and increased coverage.

Broadcast innovations that we have pioneered include:

Mobile Digital Television: Crown Castle has undertaken planning studies and field survey work to investigate the potential for mobile digital television reception. Television in public transport vehicles and multimedia data streams to private cars are two examples of the potential uses of this technology.

Hierarchical Modulation: This technique can be used to deliver multiple services to receiver populations working in different environments, such as fixed home receivers using a good antenna and portable receivers which have to cope with a far inferior signal.

D2H: As first presented at the IBC2000 conference, Crown Castle's unique D2H proposition offers exciting potential for targeted Internet-style or broadcast delivery of data to the home or business through the existing television receiving antenna. Almost unimaginable data capacities are made available for the delivery of information, applications and multimedia content to the home PC or media platform.

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